Afton B.

I was very impressed to have receive our CLO so quickly and in nice packaging. The only thing remotely negative I can say (and my only reason for 4star) is that no matter how you poor it (the liquid), it always makes a big drip down the side of the bottle. This adds up considering it happens every day. It also makes the sink and rags smell like fish every day because I have to rinse & wipe it. Other than that, will keep buying the liquid for the kiddos and will add the capsules for me & the hubs.

Ron R.

A pure product made with care and integrity is a rare find in today’s world. Dropi is such a product. I am so glad to have learned about it and the story of its development (Iceland Review 02/15) and pleased that there is now a US distributer.


Kerry D.

Very happy to find a high quality cod liver oil that is also in capsules form. Seems to work great, so far.

Lindsey W.

I feel confident this is quality product after doing lots of research!

Stephanie H.

No fishy taste. Easy to swallow. I can even trick family members into taking their cod liver oil :)

Ernie M.

Received my order with-in three days. Does not need refrigeration due to nitrogen filled capsule. I've taken only about one week so far, so can't tell a difference yet, but really like the quality.


I am in love with this product. I purchased it while in Iceland in April and have been taking it consistently since. I have noticed a HUGE improvement of my skin (clarity, "glowing" quality," texture, firmness). I had good skin before taking this so wasn't expecting it to make that much of a difference, but it absolutely has! It has even improved the bumps on the back of my arms. I feel great when taking this and I love the company's commitment to sustainability and transparency. It's so difficult to fully trust the quality of vitamins these days, but dropi is the rare and amazing exception. Thanks for such an amazing product!


Kyle S.

I have been using Dropi Pure Icelandic Cod Liver Oil for a few months and it is really the best! It even has a good taste.The health benefits are numerous and I believe this is about the best quality product I could buy! Plus I really am a fan of Iceland, and appreciate how they strive to do things the right way, the healthy way!
Thanks, Kyle

jerome d.

Good stuff


They were not kidding about the quality of these oils!! It is excellent. My children can take the oil version, but do prefer the capsules. In a market of imitators and fillers, thank you for setting the bar high for a quality product we can trust. Service is also excellent!

Christen G.

I can see a very noticeable difference in my mental health and depression when not using for just a few days



This is the best Cod Liver Oil I have used. It has a clean taste and does not drip from the bottle when poured directly onto my spoon. I also like the fact that the cod fish come from clean waters.