Pure Power - Grass fed wild roaming Icelandic lamb liver, lamb hearts, rodiola rosea and garlic (Desiccated) 60 Caps

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 Pure Power food supplement is a dynamic mixture of lambs liver and lambs heart, combined with selected herbs. 

Each capsule of this powerful pure blend which contains desiccated lambs heart, liver, garlic and arctic root, includes an abundance of essential nutrients of high quality, easily used by your body for maintenance and energy production.




Lambs  in Iceland are 100% grass fed, they are never fed any grain or hay. The only feed they get is their mothers milk, grass and herbs, which they choose and pick themselves in the highlands. They have endless space to move around, rest and enjoy the sun, the clear water and the clean air and choose from various sorts of grasses grown in the mineral rich volcanic soil. This results in very robust and healthy individuals. It can undoubtedly be said that there are not many places in the world where it is possible to get livestock products, from animals which are brought up under such good conditions. They can literally be classified as wild game.

To ensure the health of the animals and the purity of the raw material used for our products, there is an active veterinarian control, before, during and after slaughter.

The raw materials are desiccated without excessive heat, powdered, blended and capsuled. That makes it easy to use as a nutritional supplement with normal diet or as an addition to special diets such as raw foods. 

According to the website of The George Mateljan Foundation, grass fed lamb contains Omega 3 in high dosages.  George Mateljahe the author of the book “The world´s Healthiest Foods” states that lamb meat contains approximately 50% the amount of omega 3 acid found in cod and tuna. Meat from grass-fed lambs also include the healthy fatty acid CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). “Ever-increasing number of studies show increased intake of CLA to be associated with improved immune and inflammatory function, improved bone mass, improved blood sugar regulation, reduced body fat, and better maintenance of lean body mass. Recent studies show that grass-fed lamb contains nearly twice as much CLA as conventionally fed lamb. Interestingly, lambs grazing during the spring and summer months store more CLA than lambs grazing during the fall and winter; higher CLA storage is also found for lambs grazing on highland and mountain pastures.” See: Grass-fed lamb, world healthiest food.

Grass fed icelandic lamb is also an excellent source of vitamin B12, niacin and other B vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid og choline. It is also a good source for zinc and phosphor.


Wild Crafted Icelandic Herbs



The synergy of the chosen glands and the herbs is what we aim for in our mixtures. The herbs in Pure Natura´s mixtures are all grow wild in the Icelandic countryside and have been carefully selected in regards to their positive activity, known for centuries. The powerful function of Icelandic herbs is known among herbalists and can undoubtedly be connected to the good growing conditions, such as mineral rich soil and slow growth.