Geo Silica Iceland


Silica is a chemical compound consisting of the element silicon, which is a semiconductor used in electronics and computers, and the element oxygen. Chemically, silica is silicon dioxide with the formula SiO2, but this simple formula doesn‘t tell but part of the story because silica is polymerized or has crystal structure. Silica is one of the most common minerals on earth and is found in most rocks, e.g., quartz and amorphous opals. Silica is a source of the element silicon for the human body.


geoSilica has developed a two-step production process. In the first step, the silica concentration in the separated geothermal water is increased many tenfold without changing the chemical composition of the water. In the second step, the geothermal water is gradually replaced by clean ground water from the area while keeping the silica concentration constant. The end product is highly pure silica in the form of extremely small silica particles in clean ground water. Absolutely no chemicals of any kind are used in the production.


geoSilica’s silica supplement is high quality, 100% natural mineral, extracted from the high-temperature geothermal reservoirs in Iceland. No artificial chemicals are added and the packaging can be recycled.


Who is it for?

For people who care about their bone health as silica can prove important for bone mineralization, bone retention and decreasing bone breakdown.

For people who care about the appearance of skin, hair and nails which silica can strengthen and beautify while simultaneously working against the agents that cause the damage.

For people who exercise extensively, silica will strengthen cartilage, sinews and ligaments, reducing the likelihood of injuries during tough exercises.


Silica helps reduce pain from arthritis and osteoarthritis and other problems in the musculoskeletal system.


Key Benefits* 

  • Lower the risk of osteoporosis
  • Stronger and more elastic veins and arteries
  • Reduction of wrinkles and even repairs of skin damage
  • Less brittle and more beautiful nails and hair
  • Overall healthier skin
  • Detoxification of aluminum


    Newly formed bone tissue more receptive for other minerals
  • Stimulation of collagen formation


    High alkaline level helps lower acidity in the stomach
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Quick results

  • +  Effects on hair and nails in 4-5 weeks

  • +  Effects on arthritis in 8-12 weeks

  • +  Effects on skin problems ex. psoriasis and eczema in 3-10 week