Unlike most cod liver oils on the market, Dropi is...

Posted by Daria Imports on Feb 1st 2017

What makes Dropi different? Unlike most cod liver oils on the market, Dropi is made exclusively from freshly-caught cod. This 100% extra virgin cod liver oil is extracted from the liver with a modernized version of an ancient extraction method, established over 1,000 years ago by early Viking settlers in Iceland. Dropi is produced by a unique cold processing method, preserving the fish’s natural fatty acids, including Omega 3, and Vitamins A & D.

Why is Dropi cold-processed? Most cod liver oils on the market are produced by a heating method, which drastically reduces the levels of vitamins and Omega 3, necessitating the addition of synthetic vitamins back into the oil. And bonus, because Dropi contains no added ingredients and the liver is only heated to 108°F, the oil also qualifies as a raw food product.


True Westfjords, which produces Dropi in Bolungarvik, Iceland, maintains a strong commitment to using only fresh and sustainable methods for producing its extra virgin cod liver oil. They purchase cod liver directly from local fishermen, who use only eco-friendly fishing lines, and produce the oil in a green renewable facility in an industrial-free zone.