About Us

Founder : Ash Niknia                                                                                   Established in 2015


Ash Niknia has an International IT/Business  background and 19 years of experience working with the United Nations. During that time he gained significant knowledge  working on many projects around the globe in the Human Development realm which included Health, Education, Social Protection, HIV/AIDS. He is a loving father of two and counts family as one of his greatest blessings. As a biohacking campaigner and activist, he works to radically democratize citizen access to powerful biotechnologies and natural healthy foods. In this regard, he does not step back from experimenting with technology, including with his own body, and his vision is of a future where the human body has fundamentally different capabilities than it does today. 

 He envisioned and created Daria LLC when his father passed away from stage 4 lung cancer in 2013. He then reimagined career direction and started working and studying under such luminaries like Mr. Tony Robbins, David Aspery among many others to change his own health and the world around him with natural health products from sustainable and accountable sources from the cleanest parts of the world. 












Daria Imports LLC 8480 TYCO RD Unit E Vienna, VA 22182-2246 USA


Telephone: 240-461-2182





To partner with international manufacturers who share our philosophy of bringing high quality products to the natural foods marketplaces in North America and beyond.
A global supplier and distributor of natural health supplements, organic and specialty foods related products. We select only the best natural brands from Iceland, that have been perfected by a spirit of innovation and an unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality products and value to our customers.  Our Brands are based on ingredients, nutritional value, and sustainable and green manufacturing methods.



Our Values:

  • Natural Quality Products: We are committed to provide the best quality products in the market at all times.
  • Efficient Operations: Our goal is to be the best at what we do. We are committed to building customer relationships through efficient customer service, distribution and sales.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Our staff is dedicated to provide top-notch service in a timely and effective manner. As our customer, you will have a dedicated team providing personalized service.
  • Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continually seeking to improve our business operations, our goal is to always build upon our standard of quality and provide the best solutions to meet our customer’s needs.